Are you looking for a spacious outdoor space to host your event?

Look no further as Cambridge Raceway has the ideal venue for you! Our Lawns and Grandstand area is a popular choice which allows you to make the space your own!

Needing to pitch a marquee? Our Lawns and Grandstand space is mostly flat which is perfect for this! As well as being amazing for setting up outdoor furniture, playing a game of croquet or whatever fits your requirements!

Seating arrangements are flexible and our experienced and professional team will work with you to get your desired effect. Our hire shop has a range of seating and decor items for hire, as well as a portable bar and entertainment options.

Having a large number of guests means you will need parking, right? Look no further, all-weather parking is right next to the Lawns and Grandstand!

At Cambridge Raceway we pride ourselves on ensuring we host the event you want and to the standard you want. Without a doubt we are here to help in anyway.

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