Statement regarding the March 4 Waikato-BOP Harness Inc meeting

The board of Waikato Bay of Plenty Harness Inc. are aware that several Auckland-based industry participants have gained government exemptions which allow them to travel from Auckland to Cambridge to attend our meeting on Thursday. 

We don’t agree that this travel is essential as has been proven in previous Covid-19 lockdowns and as such we have requested that Auckland-based participants do not attend Thursday’s meeting. 

The implications of a potential Covid-19 outbreak at Cambridge Raceway as a result of this travel would significantly harm our tenant trainers, local trainers, staff, our community, our brand, our business and the reputation of Harness Racing and the wider racing industry.

Should these Auckland-based participants choose to attend the meeting we have put the following restrictions in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission. 

  1. Licence holders from regions in level 2 will be confined to the drivers’ room and stable areas. There will be no access to The Clubhouse for any industry participants. Please keep in mind this means no access to totes. We will provide food and drink in the drivers’ room as per usual.
  2. Licence holders who have travelled from Auckland (level 3 restrictions) will not have access to the drivers’ room and will be allocated a separate temporary space with toilet facilities. They will have access to the stable area and we will provide food and drink. 
  3. Horses who have travelled from areas under level 3 restrictions will be stabled separately to local horses.
  4. All licence holders must enter through the stable’s gate (float entrance).
  5. Owners from areas in level 2 that have horses racing at the meeting can attend and watch the races from The Clubhouse – we recommend calling ahead to book a table (07-823-7111) as this is limited to 100 people and The Clubhouse will be operating under Covid-19 level 2 restrictions.
  6. Owners will not be able to visit the stables to see their horses.
  7. All Owners will need to enter through the main gate.

In light of these restrictions no public or sponsors can attend this meeting. 

Thanks for your support while we deal with the ever developing landscape, as always our main concern is everyone’s health and safety. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The board of Waikato Bay of Plenty Harness Inc.

For more info contact: Dave Branch 
027 202 7778


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