Selections for Waikato Bay of Plenty meeting 07.03.18

Duane Ranger:

R1: The Persuader, Poppy Drayton, Scanreco Bay.

R2: Ideal Star, The Coordinator, Inforthefight.

R3: Sea Of Gold, Helena Ideal, Racketeers Boy.

R4: Ally Mae, Rock N Shard, Better Be Donna.

R5: Somewhereinbrooklyn, Yasmine Bromac, Queen Lostris.

R6: Shay Scott, Malabar Spur, Monseigneur.

R7: The C E O, Volando Denario, Idealistic.

R8: Awhi Mai, Rave Nation, Flying Taine.

Best Bet: Awhi Mai (R8).

Longshot: That Girl Of Mine (R8).

Rob Lawson:
Race 1:   Redmaro, Scanreco Bay, Poppy Drayton

Race 2:   Lacey’s Lad, Ideal Star, Shanway

Race 3:    Ultimate Angel, Sea Of Gold, Kiwi Tintin

Race 4:   Hughie’s Sister, Pocket Miss, Ally Mae

Race 5:   Missinmemate, Major Classic, Destined For Heaven

Race 6:   Trouble Giero, Shay Scott, I’m Just Awesome

Race 7:   Bettor Babe, Volandro Denario, Spandau Ballet

Race 8:  Rave Nation, This Sky Rox, Awhi Mai  


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