Selections: Cambridge 22.02.2018

-Duane Ranger:

Race 1: Franco Caliph, Poppy Drayton, Redmaro.

Race 2: Knights Desire, For Tony, Pocket Miss.

Race 3: Christanna, Ruebe Star, Doubledelightbrigade.

Race 4: Shandance, Shanway, American Avenue.

Race 5: Bar Room Brawl, Caitlin's Surprise, Shay Scott.

Race 6: Helena Ideal, Atom Hanover, Gotta Go Jet Away.

Race 7: Il Pirata, Luck Of The Moment, Majestic Stride.

Race 8: Real Eagle, Makers Mark, Cherokee Warrior.

Race 9: Angus Fogg, Rave Nation, Sequoia.

Best bet: Bar Room Brawler (R5).

Longshot: As Free As Air (R9).

-Rob Lawson

Race 1:   Franco Caliph, Poppy Drayton, Redmaro

Race 2:   Sally O’Malley, Bettor Edition, Pocket Miss

Race 3:    Ruebe Star, Christanna, Idealistic

Race 4:   Shanway, Racketeers Boy, Phillydotcom

Race 5:   Bar Room Brawl, Prince George, Shay Scott

Race 6:   Shadow Maker, The Persuader, Van Halem

Race 7:   Il Pirata, Luck Of The Moment, Swinging        

Race 8:  Destined For Heaven, Makers Mark, Stars Delight

Race 9: Sequoia, Rave Nation, This Sky Rox  


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