Selections: Tauranga 28.01.18

by Duane Ranger

Race 1: Malabar Spur, Dauntless, Majestic One.

Race 2: Western Zephyr, Babyfacenelson, Rosa Belle.

Race 3: Il Pirata, George, Primus Inter Pares.

Race 4: Real Eagle, Ohoka Maximus, Phillydotcom.

Race 5: Blood And Whisky, Massive Metro, Credit Master.

Race 6: Gotta Moment, Miss Zippy, Anna Barclay.

Race 7: Mo Casino, Italian Delight, Fleeting Grin.

Race 8: Eldolar, Spare Change, Redmaro.

Race 9: R Gee Bee, The C E O, Megatron.

Race 10: Cherokee Warrior, Loud An Proud, Doubledelightbrigade.


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