Selections- Thames 13.01.2018

Duane Ranger
R1: Scanreco Bay, Poppy Drayton, Happy Magic.  
R2: Somewhereinbrooklyn, Carlaw Park, Brainstormer.  
R3: Delia May, Go Paddy,  McLeod's Daughter.  
R4: McDaknife, Born Again Delight, Toll Gate.  
R5: Tonto, Hunter Red, Hunter red.  
R6: Eldolar, Lambros, Spare Change.  
R7: Queen Lostris, Razor Brogden, Sheer Bliss.  
R8: Imajollywally, Delightful Zen, Count Landeck.  
R9: Angus Fogg, Our Petite Lady, Burt Munro.  
R10: Bettor Buy A Rose, Turbo, Pump Up The Volume.  
R11: The Rev, Sunny Pegasus, Tobruk.


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