Selections- Friday January 12 2018

Duane Ranger
R1: Parker, Italian Delight, Jamieson Shard.
R2: Triple Eight, Step Up, Rocknroll Princess.
R3: Realmein, All American, George.
R4: Credit Master, Phoebe Gem, Hot N Fast.
R5: R Gee Bee, Shanocon, Shadow Maker.
R6: Ivana Flybye, Kaitlyn, Gottabearose.
R7: Ideal Star, Lion Rock, Ohoka Maximus.
R8: Lerato, Alta Mach, Yasmine Bromac.

Rob Lawson
Race 1:   Italian Delight, Royal Lincoln, Jamieson Shard                       
Race2:   American Brave, Triple Eight, Dance Time           
Race 3:    All American, George, Realmein                   
Race4:   Cyclone Joe Parker, Sequoia, Credit Master                 
Race5:   Shanocon, Makers Mark, Cherokee Warrior            
Race 6:   Sea Of Gold, Ruebe Star, Ivana Flybye            
Race 7:  Ohoka Maximus, Lion Rock, Spirit Of Anzac            
Race 8:  Lerato, Alta Mach, Shandance


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