Leap To Fame could tackle Race by Grins

Inter Dominion champion Leap To Fame - Photo: supplied
Inter Dominion champion Leap To Fame

Photo: supplied

Newly crowned Inter Dominion champion Leap To Fame has surprisingly emerged as a likely runner in Cambridge’s The Race by Grins.

It was long believed Leap To Fame would tackle Perth’s slot race – the Nullarbor – around the same, but owner Kevin Seymour ruled that out today.

“He won’t be going to Perth, but we’re looking seriously at NZ,” he said.

“We think it’ll be an easier trip and a more suitable race. If he goes to a slot race, it will be Cambridge.”

Leap To Fame stamped his greatness with a dominant Brisbane Inter Dominion final win in front a roaring and adoring Albion Park home crowd.

Trainer-driver Grant Dixon said he, wife Trista, and their kids were having an eight-day holidays and all plans for Leap To Fame would be revealed after that.

“He’ll have those eight days off as well. He’s really fit, so a little freshen-up will be ideal for him,” Dixon said.

“When we come back, we’ll start back up with him and know where we are heading.”

Seymour stopped short of saying the Hunter Cup at Melton on February 3 was a definite, but strongly hinted at it.

“Grant and I decide these things together and we want some time to see how he comes through this win,” he said.

“But he’s made for a great staying race like the Hunter Cup as he showed over the long distance by smashing the track record in the (Inter Dominion) final.”

Dixon added: “The great thing with Kevin is you can aim towards a race, but the horse always comes first. If anything happens along the way and you want to change plans, he’s fine with it.

“This horse is a great stayer and the Hunter Cup would really suit him. He’s need to have a strong run or two before it to ready for such a tough race. You’ve got him them wound right up for those races.”

Seymour also admits a bit of an obsession with the Miracle Mile.

“Maybe it’s not the most suitable race for him because it’s a sprint and he’s such a great stayer, but it’s the only really big race in Australia I haven’t won and I want to have a go at it,” he said.

Longer term, Dixon said he would discuss the New Zealand Cup as an option with Seymour.

“I don’t know how Kevin would feel about it, but I think it would be a perfect race for the horse – the standing start over two miles,” he said.

“I’ve always looked at it, what a big day it is and how special the race is and wanted to be part of it.

“But we’ve got plenty to get through before we have to look seriously at that.”

Leap To Fame also has the Blacks A Fake at Albion Park next July and a defence of his Inter Dominion crown at Menangle late next year on the agenda.

“It’s so special being part of horse who has captured the public’s imagination and support like he has,” Dixon said.

“I could really feel it and hear it when I let him go around the last bend in the (Inter Dominion) final. I’ve never experienced anything like it in harness racing.

“People love coming to see him and getting their photo taken with him.

“He’s the sort of horse who can take the sport to a bigger audience with his following if he can stay sound and race like this for another couple of years.”

And Dixon is right person to have in his corner to do just that. - Adam Hamilton


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