Regarding our bar offerings. Below shows our bar prices and very open to however you wanted to structure that cost (it doesn’t have to be all your cost or any of it your cost for that matter).   There are a number of ways we can set the bar structure.  Any version that has a bar tab, our bar staff will let you know when the tab hits a certainly value, giving you the option to close the tab or extend it.

Full bar tab meaning you pay.  We can set a $$ value and after that has been reached, it can become a full cash bar

Full cash/eftpos bar right from the start so your guests purchase their own drinks.  We can also set a small bar tab for your special guests (yourselves and anyone you would like added, these people will be given a coloured wrist band so our staff know exactly who has your approval)

½ and ½ .  Your guests pay for ½ the value of their drink and the remainder goes on your tab.  Again, you can set a tab $$ value so you won’t be surprised at the end of the evening

Or any way if you have another idea.

House Beer | $6.00 per bottlePremium Beer | $8.50 per bottle
Speights Gold
Speights Summit Ultra
Speights Mid (2.5%)**
Waikato Draught
Steinlager Pure Light | $7.00 per bottle
Heineken Light (2.5%)**
Heineken Zero

*Above beers will be stocked at all functions due to Cambridge Raceway's Alcohol licence*

House Wine | $7.50 per glass    Premium Wine & Bubbles | priced as below
The Grayling Sauvignon Blanc
The Grayling Chardonnay
The Grayling Pinot Gris
The Grayling Pinot Noir

Lindauer Brut | $7.50 per glass
Church Road Merlot & Syrah | $9.00 per glass
Church Road Gwen Rose & Pinot Gris | $11.00 per glass
Church Road McDonald Series Chardy | $11.00 per glass
Deutz Cuvee Brut | $45.00 per bottle
G.H.Mumm Champagne | $90.00 per bottle

Spirits & Mixer | $8.00 per glassRTD | $8.00 per bottle
Smirnoff Vodka
Gordons Gin
Coruba Rum
Bacardi White Rum
Canadian Club Whisky
Napoleon Brandy
Jim Beam Bourbon
Gordons Gin & Tonic
Smirnoff Ice
Coruba & Coke
Jim Beam & Cola
Canadian Club & Dry
Long White Vodka Apply & Pear
Long White Vodka Raspberry

Soft Drinks | $3.50 per glass/canPremium Non-Alcoholic | $4.00 glass/bottle
Coke No sugar
Orange Juice (glass)
Lemon Lime & Bitters (bottle)
Ginger Beer (bottle)
Red Bull (can) 

 Complimentary tap water is available on the bar at all times


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