This season the registered owner of the winning horse with the highest points as at the last meeting in which it competes at the raceway will receive $4,000, the trainer of that horse will receive a $3,000 product prize, the trainer of the second horse with the most points a $2,000 product prize and trainer of third horse a $1,000 product prize.

Each winning horse of a totalisator race at the raceway will accumulate points relevant to its starting position, every horse that places second in a totalisator race will receive 2 points.

The horse with the most points after the raceway's final meeting of the season will be deemed the winner, in the event of a tie the prize will be shared.

Points allocated as follows:

Mobile races: barrier 1,2,3,4 = 5 pts; 5,6,9,10 = 7 pts; 7,8,11-16 & ur = 8pts

Standing start: Ft 5 pts; 10m 6 pts; 20m 7 pts; 30m

Horse of the Year Leaderboard

Horse Points
1 Lola Jones 40
2 Fizzi Lizzi 32
3 KD Hall 31
4 Toot Toot 26
5 Danke 25

Upto & including the 16th July 2017


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