Lovely Bundy 24
Lukyanova 22
Our Spitfire 21
American Me 19
Flying Steps 19
Doc Holliday 19
Jingles Bromac 18
The Lone Ranger 18
Parker 18
J Bee 18
Still Eyre 17
Delson  17

As at 20 July 2020


The registered owners of the horse with the highest points after the last Waikato BOP Harness meeting of the season will receive $4,000, the trainer of that horse will receive a $3,000 product prize, the trainer of the second horse with the most points a $2,000 product prize and trainer of third horse a $1,000 product prize.

Each winning horse of a totalisator race at Cambridge Raceway will accumulate points relevant to its starting position, every horse that places second in a totalisator race will receive 2 points. 

The horse with the most points after the raceway's final meeting of the season will be deemed the winner, in the event of a tie the prize will be shared.

Points are allocated as follows:
Mobile races: barrier 1,2,3,4 = 5 pts; 5,6,9,10 = 7 pts; 7,8,11-16 & ur = 8pts
Standing start: Ft 5 pts; 10m 6 pts; 20m 7 pts; 30+m 8pts


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